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No one has thought of this.

Route to Funding begin a serious of articles associated with Patents and protecting your idea.

Is the design of your product or brilliant new idea original? 

Do you have a patent and is it your design?

Is it actually patentable?

Investors have a preference to ensure their investment is fairly secure and having a patent could be very important when it comes to doing a deal.

If you think you need a patent then we have experience of working with patent attorneys and getting grants to cover the cost. It is not as expensive as you think, especially if you go into the situation knowledgeable and prepared.

If you do not have a patent or have no desire to have one how likely is other companies can take your business idea and produce it themselves. Getting ahead in the market is your best chance.

If your product is not patentable it could reduce the value of the investment, but like most things there are always other ways.